How did you come up with that business name?


I often am asked by people how I came up with the name of the business.   It is a very different name and most are curious to the how it came to  life.

Many years  ago when I first started this cleaning business, I actually began as  Art's Carpet Cleaning. It was simple and easy to remember.  Although it  was fine, something was missing.  I wanted to find a way to incorporate  my U.S. Marine Corps service time as well as find a way to link my  wife's background as a proud Butler Bulldog into the business.  The main thing the two had in common was the beautiful, powerful, and loyal English Bulldog. One day, our bulldog (Tank) came inside onto our white  carpet, completely covered from head to paw in mud. He began to shake  it off all over the living room. This is when my loving wife yelled for  me to "get that Mud Bully out of the house." From that moment, I knew I found the perfect name.