Pet stain removal​​

If you are  like me, your pets are like family. Sometimes our four legged family members have an accident in the house. Did you know that some pet stains are invisible to the naked eye?  If you have pets in your home,  please let me know and I will perform a free pet stain evaluation to  ensure that those hidden stains are located.  I will show you each stain  with my special light. 

Wine/ Red stain removal

Have you  ever has a glass of wine or kool-aid spill and you couldn't get that red  stain out?  There is no need to cover that stain up with furniture or a  lamp any longer. I can help get rid of that red stain and make sure it  does not return.

Rust/ Gum/ Make up

Have your  children ever left a little hidden stain in your carpets or couches such  as rust, gum, or make up?  I completely understand because between my  kids and animals, there is always a new stain to find.  If this is an  issue for you as well, I have the solution to fix it.

Carpet protection

I proudly  offer Scotchgard protection for all work done.  This protection will  make you feel good about your couch or carpet cleaning lasting longer.

Hardwood/ Laminate Floor clean and polish.

Would you  like to put the life back in your hard surface flooring again?  A good  deep cleaning along with a nice polished finish can last for a long  time.  It will make daily cleaning a lot faster and easier as well. 

Tile/ Grout lines

 Are you tired of fighting with those dirty grout lines?  Let me give it a shot and watch those lines clean right up. 

Pontoon/ Boat Cleaning and Leather conditioning

If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service. You  should not have to pull your boat out of the water to have it cleaned.   Let Mud Bully come to your boat and clean it while it sets ready to  sail off into the sunset.  I will clean the carpets to remove that mold/  green slime/ and whatever other mess may enter your vessel.   Then I  will spray a generous coat of Scotchgard to protect the carpets.  I get  your seats looking great; then I will place a conditioner on them to  keep them lasting longer from the abuse of the sun.  Don't put your boat  away dirty, call me for a free estimate today. 

Oriental/ Wool rugs

You can't  clean your precious rugs like any other rug.  They must be dry cleaned  with a special machine and solvent.  Don't roll these heavy rugs up and  take them across town.  I can come to your house and clean them on the  spot at a less expensive rate than others.